Team Rubicon: Why I Serve

Team Rubicon is a unique group of people-serving-people. Uniting military service members, first responders, and civilians they tackle disasters like a line backer on game day – head on, hand over fist. As of this writing I have worked with Team Rubicon for the last 3 years and it has changed my life. From Arkansas to Texas – tornadoes, floods, and service projects have been some of the major highlights of seeing a diverse group of Americans come together and effect real change in the lives of those who have been affected by disaster or hardship.

I’ll be talking more about them on this blog, but right now I want to hit just a few key points as to why I support this organization over all other charities or disaster relief teams I might have chosen.

They Know the WHY

Team Rubicon’s entire ethos is focused on WHY they do what they do: to serve others. That’s it. If they make money through SWAG, or donations they know where it’s going: to help people. If they are putting on massive training events they know why they are doing it: to better serve people. If they are working a TV appearance, fundraiser, or social media campaign it’s all for one reason: to help people.


They Know the WHO

Team Rubicon knows exactly who they are helping – their clients are the dispossessed. Without knowing who your audience or client is, how can you be effective? (rhetorical question). They make lasting relationships with those who have been ousted from their homes and livelihoods due to tornadoes, wildfire, hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, or any other disaster you can think of. Whether the client is American, or the operation is international, our clients are the displaced, the dispossessed, and the downtrodden. When they call, Team Rubicon answers.

They Know the HOW

Uniting the skills and experience of veterans, first responders, and specialized civilians, Team Rubicon knows how to make the most of every single dollar they receive from donors and stakeholders. Team Rubicon also knows how to manage volunteers, so every hour for every volunteer who comes through one of their VRCs (volunteer reception centers) is counted.

They Make it COUNT

Team Rubicon averages $6-7 of value returned to disaster-stricken communities for every dollar donated. Every volunteer hour they track is submitted to FEMA for Federal Aid. But that is not the only value Team Rubicon brings to communities. They bring stability by their very presence. When you walk up to a homeowner, clipboard in hand and say “we are here to help” – most look at you like you are a salesman. That is, until they hear you say the word “free” and “help you start over”. That’s when you see relief wash over a mother’s face when she realizes she doesn’t have to do this alone. That’s when you see an elderly couple smile and say “Well come on, then!”

That’s when you see the veteran who has lost everything, and you say to him “Thank you for your service – now it’s our turn to serve you.”

Those are the moments you remember forever.

And that is why I serve with Team Rubicon.


Photo Credit: Kirk Jackson,