GoRuck: Mogadishu Mile


Cadre: Brad & Josh
Class #: 1321
Challenge: Mogadishu Mile – Light
Location: Trinity Park, Fort Worth, Texas
Distance: 4.2 miles
Time: 4.5 hours

We started the ruck with a ruck check and brief from Cadre Brad. Load required was a minimum of 20lbs.

After a quick march to Duck Creek we took a quick dip, followed by a good 30-40 minutes of PT  to introduce us to the various ways a ruck can be used as a physical training tool. Then we bear crawled to the top of the hill, belly-crawled down, and then crab-walked back up. After a quick buddy-carry, we were on our way for a few miles of rucking.

At the Panther Island Pavilion we spent some time in the Trinity River, getting wet and muddy. River sit-ups, river burpees, river crawls, “face painting”…

After a briefing on the Battle of Mogadishu and the men who served and died there, we cheered on our class’ two HTL candidates, those who completed the Heavy and Touch challenges over the last two days.

Class 1321

Overall it was a great introduction to GoRuck. Learned a lot, and got to spend some good time getting dirty with some good friends.