Left of Bang: How the Marine Corps’ Combat Hunter Program Can Save Your Life

by Patrick Van Horne and Jason A. Riley20686150

A lean, fierce read. Makes the Marine Corps’ life-saving behavioral recognition system accessible to the everyday person. If you want the full review of this work, check out my post on it. Sufficed to say, this is a must read for military, law enforcement, and security personnel – but I highly it recommend to everyone.



Take Command: Lessons in Leadership: How to Be a First Responder in Business

by Jake Wood, Team Rubicon (co-founder and CEO)20686150

Inside look at the events and people that gave rise to my favorite
humanitarian organization: Team Rubicon.

Jake is an amazing person and leader, whom I’ve had the pleasure to meet in person. His get-it-done yet down-to-earth approach to disaster relief is the main reason I’ve done my philanthropy work through them exclusively.

Spy the Lie: Three Former CIA Officers Reveal Their Secrets to Uncloaking Deception

by Philip Houston, Mike Floyd, Susan Carnicero,  Don Tennan20686150t

Spy the Lie was a great find. Really love the breakdown for the average person for practical application in everyday life. In the vein of Left of Bang, these authors make CIA-level techniques available to the everyday person because they see the value in having Americans recognize lies, be more truthful, and demand truthfulness from others..

Be sure to check out their follow up book, Get the Truth, as well.